Hey, I'm Nathan!

I understand that you want to get lean, look good naked, wake up every damn morning and feel awesome and improve your health.

You also probably don't want to spend 4 hours at the gym, or eat chicken and broccoli 6 times a day every day. I don't like doing those things either.

Maybe you've been in great shape in the past and long to get back to that stage in your life where things were much better.

I've been there.

I've been the skinny guy who wanted to build muscle and was paranoid as anything going into the gym to lift weights because of how weak I was.

And I've been overweight and in shock about the fact that the skinny body I lived in for so many years has completely disappeared.

​I put on a load of weight at University, all you could eat chicken wings nights at Hooters and binge drinking cider had me at the heaviest I had ever been in my life at the age of 20. I loved fast food (still do!) and despite actually training at the time, I still piled it on.

​In 2012 I decided to finally go about losing the weight and getting into shape - and building a physique I could be proud of.

But here's the thing, I love eating out, fast food, even food challenges (I've got several records - I'm a pig at heart).​

​So for me, getting into shape wasn't just about getting into shape, but doing it in a manner that was sustainable, and enjoyable. I didn't want to deal with the constant feelings of deprivation that come with traditional dieting, and I didn't want to spend more than an hour at a time in the gym training.

​With a strategy nailed down, I managed to accomplish my goals while still enjoying my life and having time to do things outside of the gym.

​Now I help people like you do exactly the same.

I help people who want to build a physique they can be proud of without the boring chicken and broccoli, and the workouts that take 3 hours.​​

It is possible for anybody, you just need to know how.​

​And do it.