Testimonials from Nathan's Clients


'All inclusive holidays, rugby tours, trips away, 75 lbs down'

Stuart came to me in April 2016 at 130kg, I met Stuart in the gym, with him having already dropped 10kg, but he was looking for the next step.

​As the caption says - Stuart is a SOCIAL GUY! He went on more holidays in 2016 than I have in about 6 years!! He enjoys a good night out but he put in the work - and managed to enjoy himself and change his life.

Stuart dropped 75lbs, 5 stone and 5lbs in a year of coaching. He now plays as a semi-pro goalkeeper, starting in the first team, seeing a resurgence in his form after getting into the best shape of his life.

Stu's transformation was so drastic that there have actually been multiple occasions where people literally didn't recognise him.

​Stuart is continuing to keep the weight off and is still having fun! We even went to an all you can eat buffet to celebrate dropping under 100kg! He stayed under for the record!


'The best shape of his life, a new found confidence'

Ken came to me in April 2017, and was already at the gym, but quite frustrated at his lack of results. He had even joined a running club to add to his activity, but wasn't getting anywhere.

He started training and in just 4 months had dropped 17lbs and discovered abs for the first time in his life!

Ken also loves to have fun and even ditched a client social once for Come Dine with Me! He still got lean though! He now bench presses more than his bodyweight and even does weighted chinups. Ken's confidence has flown through the roof and he's even helping to organise client socials for NCC now!

Ken is continuing to stay in shape and further his progress. He still fits in meals that he enjoys and socialises quite often. The only thing he's got left to do now is find the UK's best buffet for us to give a go!!


'I've never heard so many compliments'

Say hello to Neil. You tried to guess his age and you were wrong. He's 48 years young!

Neil might just possibly receive the most compliments out of anybody I know. When I met Neil, he had been working hard at the gym but really wanted to roll back the years and discover the best version of himself.

Asides from his incredible sense of humour, Neil has gotten to a point where he can deadlift nearly twice his bodyweight and he even manages multiple sets of weighted chin ups.

Neil looks better than I've ever seen him and it's like he is aging backwards now! His health is the best it's ever been and he's got the body to match!