Imagine how good it would feel to have a lean, muscular physique that you can be proud of, while fitting in the foods you like (I quite like burgers) and even fitting in a beer or two! Wondered how good that would be? Read on to discover more.

This article is for men who have struggled to build a lean physique for years due to their love for good food and drink!

If you’ve tried every diet out there, only to find yourself dropping a few pounds, before piling them back on you must read this.

In this free blog, I’ll reveal the three things you can do today to lose weight and keep it off without ever having to follow one of those lame diets again.

Ask yourself –

- Am I self-conscious taking my shirt off at the beach?

- Do I always wear long sleeves so I don’t have to display my pathetic arms? (I used to hate mine!)

- Was I in better shape 2, 5 or 10 years ago?

- Would I love to carry some more muscle so that my friends wouldn’t be able to help but want the same and ask what I did to manage it?

If you answered “yes” to any one of the above, then please keep reading.

I know that right now, having a lean physique you can show off on the beach, even after having enjoyed a burger and a beer on a regular basis probably seems like a pipe dream.

And that’s natural.

But I assure you, in this article you’ll learn the 3 tricks that any man aged 25-45 needs to know in order to build muscle, and lose fat, without buying a single supplement, and training only 2-3 hours per week.

And without giving up ANY of your favourite foods.

Yes – burgers, crisps and bread are all on the menu. Even beer can be a part of your fat loss diet.

Read on to learn more.

Diets don’t work for you

You probably tell yourself that you’re one of those people diets don’t work for.

And it’s true.

Throughout my 5 and a half years in the health and fitness industry I’ve seen this first hand.

Dudes who try every single diet out there, only never to build the muscle or drop the fat they’re looking to, or build the physique that all their hard work deserves.

I feel your pain.

Quite frankly, it SUCKS when you put so much effort into sticking to that bland diet of chicken and broccoli, cutting out all your carbs, when you only lose a pound or two, and then pile all the weight back on as soon as you go back to eating normally.

For the lucky guys out there, dieting is a breeze.

Some of them don’t even need to diet, you know the guys I’m on about – they seem to just get into amazing shape through willpower alone.

But most of us guys out there, especially those in the 25-45 age range, for whom traditional dieting methods simply don’t work.

It doesn’t matter how often you go to the gym…

What fat burning supplements you take…

How low you cut your carbs…

Or how clean you try and eat…

Nothing seems to work.

Worse still, you feel so restricted on a diet that it has a huge impact on your social life.

You can’t go out to eat with your mates, have a drink with your partner, or celebrate birthdays, Christmas and go to barbecues without fear of gaining back that horrible gut you were sporting.

So what are you to do?

Give up dieting forever and just accept a life of being overweight, unhappy and hating your physique?

It’s incredibly sad, but so many guys I know are doing this.

All I wish is that they had the three tips I’m about to share with you that can finally help you lose that stubborn body fat, keep hold of that precious muscle, and get the lean physique you’ve been dreaming about actually having for so long.

Are you GUILTY of any of the following…

- Doing hours of cardio every week and watching muscle wilt away

- Cutting whole food groups from your diet

- Having a cheat meal at weekends (or worse yet, a cheat day)

- Weighing yourself after your worst meals

- Trying to avoid grains, sugars, gluten or dairy?

- Paying hundreds of pounds a month for supplements that don’t even work

- Having most of your meals as shakes in a desperate attempt to get in protein


If so, don’t worry.

All of these things are incredibly common with guys trying to lose weight, but none of them are the correct way to go about fighting that stubborn fat.

Cardio might burn calories, but it does very little for the way your body looks.

Love them or hate them, but do you think Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson built a muscular physique from jogging? Or that Tom Hardy looks the way he does because he sits on a bike a few times a week?


Men who have great physiques don’t need to do masses of cardio at all.

In fact, they all use the three tips I’ll reveal very shortly.

Cutting out food groups might seem like a good way to get lean and ripped, but trust me, it’s not.

See, by cutting out grains, or dairy, or meat, or sugar, or gluten, all you do is create monstrous cravings, which you can only stave off for so long.

This leads us to…

Cheat meals.

Cheat meals boost your metabolism, right?


Cheat meals are the fastest way to regain any weight you’ve lost, and make yourself bloated, fat and sick.

It’s possible to gain 2 to 3 pounds of fat from just one day of binge eating on your diet.

These, along with all the other mistakes above are among a whole host of reasons why diets have never worked for you before.

Now, this isn’t your fault:

The diet industry has been lying to you.

But I want to fix that. Keep reading to discover…

3 GUARANTEED tips to help ANY man lose stubborn body fat and drop pounds without throwing hundreds of pounds down the sink on supplements… you’ve never seen a weight loss diet like this before.

My methods might seem crazy.

But I promise you, they’re backed by science.

It’s just that they don’t hit the mainstream as they’re not designed to make you part with any cash.

They can all be done completely FREE.

Plus you can start them as soon as you finish reading this article.

Tip 1:


Calories are important. Really important. If you’re eating too many calories, you won’t lose fat no matter what else you do. There’s a really basic way to get an idea of how much you should roughly be eating. Multiply your body weight in pounds (so if you weigh 10 stone, it’ll be 140 lbs) by 10-12 to get the range of calories you should begin eating in.

Whether you use 10, 11 or 12 is dependent on your activity. Sit down all day in an office and don’t move around much? Lean towards 10 times your bodyweight. Busy job on your feet all day and active? Lean towards 12.

And if you’re in doubt, go towards 10 rather than 12.

Once you’ve done that. Download MyFitnessPal for your phone, and use it to track your intake. Get into that range each day.

Tip 2:


Protein is also important. You want to drop your body fat, but you don’t want to drop muscle as well. You want a decent pair of guns to go with those abs you’ll be showing off when you take your shirt off at the beach.

Take your bodyweight in lbs and multiply it by .8, so if you weigh 200lbs, you’ll be aiming to consume 160g of protein.

Consuming enough protein will make sure that you hold on to that vital muscle and let your body focus on burning fat instead, which is always a good thing.

Tip 3:

Train efficiently

No, that doesn’t mean doing chest day on Monday and blasting it with 17 different exercises to hit every angle of the chest and leave you so sore you can’t do it again for another 7 days.

You want to train all your major muscle groups around 2x a week, and you only need to do 1-2 movements per muscle group.

The science tells us that training a muscle more frequently is better than less frequently.

So your chest day that takes three hours is not only not necessary, it’s actually not the most efficient way to train (both results and time wise).

For most people, either a full body workout 2x a week or an upper body/lower body split performed 3-4 times a week will do the job just fine.

After that, you want to focus on movements that hit several muscles at once, rather than isolating movements. So, for example, barbell bench press will fit this approach much better than cable flyes. The barbell bench hits the chest, shoulders and triceps, while the flyes only hit the chest. So you get more bang for your buck.

So pick 1-2 compounds for each of the major muscle groups, and then, depending on how often you plan to train, set them out so that you hit each muscle group 2x a week, leaving a day’s rest in between.

So if you’re going to do full body on Monday, don’t do FB on Tuesday, wait ‘til Wednesday.

If you want to train 2 days in a row, run lower body the first day, and upper the second.


Once I started using these simple, but massively overlooked methods with my own clients, the results were staggering.

What you have here is 80% of what you need to know.

I guarantee that if you start using these 3 tips right this very minute, you’ll see visible changes in your body within 1 to 2 weeks.

Thing is, there’s more.

I’m not saying you need this extra.

Unless that is, of course, you want to achieve the lean physique you can be proud of having built, faster, easier and without the stress of potentially making physique-killing mistakes.

I’ve spent thousands of pounds learning how to lose stubborn fat as fast as humanly possible, while eating your favourite foods every day.

I’ve invested in coaching and training to ensure I get my clients results that last.

Like I said, you can try everything yourself, and maybe get there, maybe not, or you can keep reading to see if you’re a good fit for what I’m offering…

Introducing VIP Online Coaching

The #1 way to…

- Lose 10 pounds of fat in 6 weeks without banning ANY food.

- Build a decent pair of guns so that the only part of your t-shirt that stretches are the sleeves, all without spending money on a single supplement.

- Get stronger than ever before, while spending less time in the gym, so you have time to actually do the other things you enjoy outside of the gym.

- Finally stop worrying about taking your shirt off at the beach on holiday, and actually take pride and derive confidence from your new self.

Now, before I reveal just how you can gain exclusive access to VIP Online Coaching, let me be clear:

This is NOT for everyone.

I’ve had people apply before who haven’t been serious.

They’ve not really wanted to achieve a lean physique that they can be proud of.

And that’s okay, because not everybody is ready to commit to finally making a change and grasping hold of their perfect body.

My guess though, is if you’re reading this, you are.

So let me tell you what’s involved with VIP Online Coaching:

​1. You can actually ENJOY your diet.. You can eat ANYTHING you want!

​That's right, ANYTHING! No matter what your vice is - they can fit in to your plan. Food or drink, we can sort it.

2. Up to 10lbs of weight loss in the first month alone!

Not everybody will make it a whopping 10lbs, and some have even lost more! But one thing is for sure, it'll be nothing but body fat dropping off you.​

3. You actually get to have a life outside of the gym!

I'm not going to ask you to spend 3 hours in the gym at the time. I like to call myself a ​minimalist. We do the minimum effective dose required to get the maximum level of results, leaving you time to do the things you really enjoy!

4. Ever Present Coaching

How much time have you wasted wondering whether what you were doing was best, or whether it was detrimental? Why bother wasting time any more when you can reach me at any time.

That's right, at any time. I respond to EVERY enquiry. No more confusion. No more wasting time. You should always get a response from me within 24 hours. If you don't, I'll get back to you after I finish my food challenge.​

5. SEE AND FEEL the changes!

You've probably tried dieting before. Dropped a few pounds after you've been good for a while. But haven't actually noticed any changes. You look in the mirror and you look the same. 

I aim to get a different kind of results.

The kind that gets all of your colleagues at work, and your friends complimenting you on a regular basis.

Even that stubborn family member of yours who seems to think you never look good enough will be wondering just how you're making the magic happen.

You'll see your body changing on a regular basis and along with the scales. Looking good naked.

And feeling good naked.

6. We smash right ​through plateaus!

Sometimes people actually do make progress.

And then BOOM​, they hit that brick wall of death. The dreaded plateau.

Luckily for you, I'm addicted to progression. Metabolism is not going to stop us.

How do we do this? You get a private, weekly check in, where I can see how things are going and tweak what's going wrong before it becomes a problem and emphasise the things that will accelerate your fat burning. 

Goodbye plateaus.

7. Hotline Bling

Ever had to struggle with people who aren't accountable? Not this time.

Every month you get a call with me, and I know when that hotline bling

It can only mean one thing

You get to tell me what's going well, address any problems that are causing issues and I can make sure that you are utterly and completely satisfied with your service and the results you're getting.

​8. My routines don't care how busy you are

​Some of my clients commute long distances to work.

Some of them like to spend their life in the gym.

Some of them don't even train at the gym, home is more their thing.

What you love doesn't bother me, I'll take it and I'll create something that suits you and your training preferences, so that you can stick to it, and achieve great results from it.

9. Private support group

My clients are awesome.

Really, they're a blast. As I write this, I'm still behind from sleep after our last social!

I've seen too many people fail because they don't have an adequate support system around themselves.

Everyone questioning what you're doing because it's different to them.

Imagine a place that is full of people like yourself, who just want to better themselves, and enjoy life.

And you're all actually decent people because you're able to tolerate me, so I can assure you, they're amazing!

I'd love for you to become part of our community.

This is done in our private Facebook group.

Some people hate Facebook, I'm not a huge fan of the news feed myself, but this group a fantastic place to get diet and training advice, share tips, get support for hitting your goals, and even just to vent if you need it. Oh and funny memes, because we like memes.

10. Lasting results

How long have you tried to ​do this?

How many times have you gotten results?

How many times have those results lasted?

I want to be the last coach you'll ever need.​

Think of it like this –

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What’s more, you can do all of this without having to ban your favourite foods, and with less than 4 hours training per week.

Here’s what happens as soon as you take action and invest in your health and happiness today:

You get my Get Started Pack, to walk yourself through all the necessities before we even get going. Even a tech dummy like myself can understand it.

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​And the juicy stuff?

I could go on forever about what you get as a VIP Online Coaching client of the NCC Crew.

How the exercises and programme are bespoke to exactly what you need.

How you learn the what and the why, behind losing the weight so that not only do you get it done, you actually KEEP the weight off.

Think about it, I actually WANT you not to need me in the future.

You even get access to my awesome recipes app with your coaching package, eating well can actually taste nice!

I am open about all of my methods.

I want you to succeed and succeed so hard that you don't need me anymore.

​How many coaches will tell you that they want you to be SO GOOD that they're USELESS in future.

​I want to get you to that level.

What’s stopping you?

Think about it –

Are you 100% happy with your physique at the moment?

Do you like carrying those extra pounds, or are your self conscious about your belly?

Is yoyo dieting something you want to be doing for the next 5, 10 or 20 years?

If not, you know what to do.

With my 100% money-back guarantee, it’s completely risk-free too.

In the incredibly unlikely situation you’re not completely happy, I’ll refund every penny you pay.

What’s it to be?

Invest now and start seeing immediate results, or go back to expensive supplements, endless hours of cardio, and cutting out all those food groups, see no results only to come back in 2 months time more miserable, more depressed and 5 to 10 pounds heavier?

The choice is yours…